Pickup Laundry Service


Pickup laundry service from Spin Sudz is here.
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Let us take care of the hassle of laundry. We provide laundry pickup & delivery to homes and businesses on Long Island. Whether it’s clothes, bedding, commercial laundry or dry cleaning, Spin Sudz can handle it all. Our team offers service in Nassau & Suffolk counties, as well as south Queens. Laundry service includes:

Wash & Fold

Spin Sudz will pick up your clothes, wash, dry and fold everything, and have it delivered back to your home in 24 hours. We have several routes on Long Island and conduct pickups regularly. Scheduling a laundry pickup is easy. Give us your address and tell us what items need to be washed. Pickup and delivery are free and pricing for most items are determined by weight. Sign up for weekly service and save. It’s that easy!

Dry Cleaning Pickup

Do you have a special occasion coming up or need your business attire cleaned and pressed? Dry cleaning pickup is convenient and affordable. Just tell us when to pick it up and we’ll be there. Dry cleaning has a higher turn around time, but you can rest assured we’ll have your items delivered to your door in 72 hours.

Commercial Laundry

If you own a restaurant or spa, you most likely go through hundreds of towels and linens each week. The task of dealing with that amount of laundry can be daunting. Some businesses don’t even have the room to spare on site for a washer and dryer. Others just don’t have the time to dedicate to washing and folding laundry. Whatever the reason, choosing a service like commercial laundry pickup can alleviate so much stress in your life. Spend more time helping your business grow and flourish and let the dedicated professionals at Spin Sudz take care of the laundry. Email or call us for pricing information.

Whatever your reason for wanting laundry service, know that Spin Sudz is here to take away the burden of laundry day. Our affordable pricing and easy to use software make scheduling a pickup easy. So what are you waiting for Long Island? Contact Spin Sudz today!