Laundry & Dry Cleaning Pricing

If you are located in our service area, laundry pick up is free! Clothes are priced by the pound, while certain bedding is a flat rate. We also offer our pick up service for dry cleaning. All dry cleaning items are priced individually and will be delivered to your door in 72 hours.

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Comforter (Twin): $15.99

Comforter (Full): $15.99

Comforter (Queen): $21.99

Comforter (King): $21.99

Blankets: $9.50

Dry Cleanng

Prof. Laundered Shirts: $3.25

Pants: $6.50

Dress: $15.00

Sport Coats: $8.50

2 Piece Suits: $15.50

Bedding Prices

Minimum order: $35

*Large bedding items will be removed from your laundry bags before your laundry is weighed.
These items will then be billed on a per-piece basis.
*Comforters in particular are billed at a per piece basis plus weight.